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Speed up the preparation of your rehabilitation sessions with free and ready-to-use material!

A Wide Choice of Material

Our collection of ready-made material is constantly updated and expanded to meet the growing demands of health professionals.

Thanks to the ARASAAC community, we offer you a variety of tools and resources, including:

Exercise Sheets

Ready-to-use sheets, focused on various areas of speech therapy, such as phonology, language, fluency, memory, and much more. Each sheet is carefully designed to provide stimulating and adapted activities for different skill levels.

Educational Games

Fun and interactive games designed to help patients improve their communication skills, attention, memory, and other essential skills. These games are designed to be both educational and enjoyable, making learning easier.

Visual Supports

Pictograms and images ready to be used in speech therapy sessions. Thanks to ARASAAC pictograms, these visual supports are of high quality and promote understanding, communication, and contextualization of addressed concepts.

Ready-made Material for Speech Therapists and Health Professionals

We are pleased to present our extensive range of free and ready-to-use material for speech therapists and health professionals. Our goal is to facilitate your work by providing you with high-quality, ready-to-use resources tailored to your specific needs.

Quality speech therapy material

How It Works

On our website, you can access our user-friendly search feature. Simply enter a keyword or a relevant expression. In moments, you will get a list of results matching your search. No results? Try another term or choose another preferred language.

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Ease of Download

Once you have found the desired material, download it for free with a single click, in Word, PDF, or PowerPoint format. You can then print, edit, or share it with your patients conveniently and quickly.

Feel free to browse our collection of ready-made material and use these resources to enrich your speech therapy sessions and facilitate your daily work.

Get free speech therapy material with one click!

Free and Quality Speech Therapy Material? Easy!

At Pictofacile, we understand the challenges faced by speech therapists and health professionals. That's why we strive to offer you high-quality resources tailored to your needs and ready to use. We are confident that our ready-made material will contribute to improving your practice and promoting the progress of your patients.

Start exploring our collection now and discover how Pictofacile can support you in your daily work.