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What are pictograms used for?

Facilitate communication

Pictograms are a simple and universal way to communicate information. They can be understood by people of all cultures and all cultures. education levels.

Improving understanding

Pictograms help to view information and understand it faster and easier than text alone.

Indicate instructions

Pictograms can be used to indicate instructions, such as safety instructions or directions.

Helping people with reading difficulties

Pictograms can help people who have reading difficulties, such as toddlers, the elderly, and people with learning difficulties.

Making information more accessible

Pictograms can be used to make information more accessible to people

Save space

Pictograms can be used to present information in a concise manner, saving space on signs, labels and packaging.

Creating visual impact

Pictograms can add a splash of color and visual interest to information, which can make it more engaging and easier to remember.

Encourage memorization

Pictograms can help to remember information by associating it with visual images. This can be particularly useful for important information that needs to be remembered for a long time. term.

What is this site for?

Pictofacile is a free, fast and easy to use ARASAAC pictogram transcriber. A free and simple alternative to Araword, pictoselector, mopikto and makaton. Enter your text: each word is associated with a pictogram. The transcription is automatic. Download your transcription directly as a pdf file. The site can be used on Mac or Windows, PC, tablet or smartphone (IPhone and Android) and is compatible with all types of computers and search engines (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Ecosia, Safari...).

Pictofacile, a free and accessible site

Enter a sentence, choose pictos and select options
Enter a sentence, choose pictos and select options

Enhanced Alternative Communication, what is it?

AAC or Augmentative Alternative Communication is a set of tools used as an aid or substitute for language.
These tools make communication possible, the transmission of a message, a thought, a feeling when language is not efficient. AAC tools replace or supplement speech with gestures and pictograms. It complements speech or clarifies the message to be conveyed.

Easily convert sentences into pictograms on a PDF

Convert text to pictograms? Easy!
Convert text to pictograms? Easy!

Why choose ARASAAC pictograms?

ARASAAC pictograms are small images representing a concept.
These images can be used as a unique means of communication when speech is not available.
However, if speech is impaired, ARASAAC pictograms can also be used as a multi-modal communication channel. They reinforce the idea conveyed by speech and make it richer.

An up-to-date and efficient site

Where do pictograms come from?

The pictograms used on this site come from the ARASAAC pictogram bank.
They are the property of the Government of Aragon and were created by Sergio Palao for ARASAAC, which distributes them under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA License.

Who is the site for?

To speech therapists
The ARASAAC pictograms can be used as a communication support or for language rehabilitation.
This concerns patients with congenital oral language production disorders: patients with Down's syndrome, ASD, specific oral language disorders, ENT malformations impacting the articulation...
This concerns patients with acquired or neurodegenerative oral language production disorders such as aphasia, Parkinson's disease, primary progressive apahasia (PPA), etc. It is then possible to develop another means of communication as a substitute for or to prevent a decline in speech.
For teachers
Teachers can appropriate the ARASAAC pictograms to accompany their students with disabilities and adapt their material to their needs. Thus, they will develop their autonomy in their work and also their inclusion in the school system.
Allophone students can also benefit from this tool: the ARASAAC pictograms would allow them to compensate for their lack of language skills. By translating the message into a pictogram, the child can appropriate the concept and the associated vocabulary without having to go through a translation via his mother tongue.
To establishments receiving the public
ARASAAC pictograms allow to transmit a message without the need to master the language.
For greater inclusivity in society and therefore, in public establishments, ARASAAC pictograms would translate a message understandable by all.
To the patient's entourage
When implementing ARASAAC pictograms in AAC, it is important to develop its use throughout the person's environment.
Pictofacile provides quick access to a free, easy-to-use ARASAAC pictogram bank for everyone. Parents, relatives or caregivers can, in this way, appropriate this AAC medium and maintain communication with their loved one.

In which languages is the website available?

The "Convert Text" application is available in 26 languages and dialects for ever more inclusiveness. For now, the full site is available in 5 languages.