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How does it work?


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Pictofacile allows you to transcribe a text written in one of the 26 languages and dialects proposed in a combination of ARASAAC pictograms. This transcription is downloadable in pdf and printable directly.The transcription is made from the referencing of the ARASAAC pictogram bank.


Each word is followed by one or more ARASAAC pictograms representing it. For each word, click on the pictogram you wish to use in your transcription. Then, in the additional options, select the skin color or the hair color of the pictured characters. If you do not choose a color, a generic color is used. You can modify the text in the text bar under each pictogram if necessary. In PDF generation, define the layout of the pdf: select the number of ARASAAC pictograms that you wish to see appearing per line of pdf. You have 4 propositions of page-setting: 2 by lines, 3 by lines (4cm x 4cm corresponding to the PECS® format), 4 by lines, 8 by lines. Click on the printer icon to print the PDF directly. Click on the "download" arrow to download the PDF to your computer.

Enter a text to convert

In the text input bar, you can enter a word, phrase or text directly. The size of the text is unlimited within the limits of your network connection. However, it does not appear in the result. For example, there is no pictogram transcribing the "?" or the "!". If you wish to make a pictogram symbol of punctuation appear, add the word "question" for a pictogram "?" or "exclamation" for a pictogram "!" or comma for a pictogram ",". Each dot "." in the text induces a line break in the ARASAAC pictogram combination. For example, for the text: The cat eats. The cat drinks. The cat sleeps.There is a pictographic layout corresponding to The cat eats.The cat drinks.The cat sleeps.

Select your ARASAAC pictograms

For each word entered in the text bar, a selection of ARASAAC pictograms is displayed for each word. Scroll through the list of ARASAAC pictograms and select the one that most closely matches your expectation.nNo pictograms match your text?edit the text using a synonym. Then replace the synonym with the original word in the text bar in the "Selection Result" area. "Nothing found for this word" is displayed. You may not select any images. No pictogram will be displayed in the pdf but the corresponding word will be written. Then replace the synonym with the original word in the text bar in the "Selection Result" area. Then, you can change the result to the original text in the results preview. For example, if you want to translate "Hello, my name is Mary", write "Hello, I am a girl". Then you replace "am" with "call me" and "girl" with the first name "Mary" to get a suitable pictogram combination.

ARASAAC pictogram colors

You can change the color settings of the ARASAAC pictograms with characters.You can adapt the pictogram to the concept character you want to represent. Choose the hair color and the corresponding skin color. However, you can only choose one hair and skin color for all the characters represented in the same text.

Selection result

If you have not selected the ARASAAC pictograms, click on "default pictograms for missing choices": the selected ARASAAC pictograms will be the first results of each proposed pictogram considered the most relevant in relation to the reference words.At this stage, you can modify the written text. For example, if you want punctuation to appear, reinsert it into the text bar. Replace synonyms with words from the original text when necessary. Adapt CAPITAL LETTERS to lower case.

PDF Generation.

You have 4 possibilities of size of the ARASAAC pictograms with a maximum of 8 ARASAAC pictograms per line.The size of 3 pictograms per line corresponds to the format of the PECS ® pictograms.Once the pdf is generated, you can print it or download it on your computer. Each modification after generation of the pdf, induces an automatic modification of this pdf. There is no need to generate a new one.


The ARASAAC pictogram transcription is available in 26 languages. To translate into another language, click on the "Languages" tab at the top right of your screen. Click on the language you are interested in. Then, follow the same text transcription path.


When you transcribe several sentences in a row, the first text may persist in the editable preview of the results. However, you can generate the pdf: the new text will be written there.To avoid this, refresh the page (loop arrow in your browser's taskbar) before entering new text to transcribe.